Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dickie Scramble 2014: 75 miles 4/26/14

75 miles of incredible roads, potluck checkpoint, great food/drinks/gathering place at the finish line.

Registration is going to run a little bit differently...

In order of preference-

Option A:  join "Dickie Scramble 2014" Facebook event
Option B:  send an email to stating that you would like in
Option C:  show up

Do not be afraid to just show up, but please do use one of the other options if/when you have decided to attend.  The "pre-registered" rider numbers will be used to let the JJ Tailgator's know what to expect.  They are letting us use an incredible space where even 200-300 riders could gather after the ride and eat great food.  They will match their wait staff to my estimate based social media and email registrants.

This is a no sponsors, no money, ride.  The only monetary transactions that will take place will be between hungry riders and the huddle.  I want nothing from you but to force you to ride the hills I train on.

Click here for tentative route.  This event was a late comer to the gravel thing.  I've ridden in more than a few and chose this venue because it is the best...  best and most challenging roads, best place to gather after.

Start time/location-  9:30 am rollout be there between 7:30 and 9 to check in.  Come early and do not park downtown Elgin the schools have been kind enough to offer their lots for our use, there will be a map in my final update.  We ride from JJ Tailgator's right in the middle of Main St.

Check point-  This will be potluck once again-  bring something good to share, load it in my truck at the start.  Homemade things are always a hit, but anything you might want to eat or drink in the middle of an 80 mile ride is great.



  1. Sounds perfect! Looking forward to another great ride and tasty burger afterward!!

  2. Let me know when a final date is set and I will get the Dickie Scramble listed on "2014 Minnesota Bike Tours, Rides, Races & Events Schedule" on MN Bike Trail Navigator with a link to more details.

  3. No longer planning on Easter Sunday- above has been updated.